Home Page of Seriously Well Equipped

This is the home page of clan SWE. Do not be alarmed, be afraid, be very afraid. No, just kidding. We're really the sort who are most likely to ask you over for a cup of tea or a nice bottle of red, depending on the time of day :) .

Thanks to Immir for the clan logo and Zakalwe for converting it into a HalfLife tag. Here is the original (1.4MB) tif and here is the 64x64 logo and finally here is the HL compatible tag.

Formerly known as GBH, the clan was started for a UT Assault comp, but GBH turns out to be a very popular acronym, so a name change was instigated. Finding a free TLA is tricky these days. If you think about it there are probably 150000+ players out there (50 000 at any one time playing eight hours per day each), if there is one clan per 6 players (more in some but some people are in more than one clan), then there are 25000 clans (hey that seems a lot), and there are only 26*26*26=17576 combinations (36*36*36=46656 if you include alphanumeric combinations), so it's likely that most of the good ones are already used (a lot of them four times over).

Some clan members will play just about anything, but some are more discerning. Immir and Bird would probably like it to be known that they won't play anything using the Quake 3 engine (I think it was some sort of aversion to cartoon characters:) ). GoodNewsWeek would like it to be known that he'll only play counterstrike if all the other servers are full, or the team needs him (they need me playing CS with them like they need a shiny new hole in the brain case, I reckoned they should put me on the other team -GNW).

In the last year or so we've been playing Diablo II, CS, Battle Realms, Tribes 2, more CS, Black and White, UT, Q3, even more CS and lately Dungeon Siege and Jedi knight II.

We are Canberra based and so largely play at Canberra Lans (but can be seen on internet servers anywhere with a sufficiently low ping). Some of us can be expected to be at every Lanfest or Nerdfest run by ACTGN

Current members are:

Some of the tournaments SWE members have competed in (under different team names):
Note this may be a bit inaccurate as my memory is getting holey with age.