Birds Telescope Trailer

a.k.a. The Green Machine

On March 8th I bought a dedicated astro trailer... no longer will I have to pack everything into the car, and now my lovely wife Leisa can come along as well!

Here are some photos...

The new trailer, straight from the previous owner (UneekTrailers). It's an ex-rental, manufactured in December last year. This is the only trailer I have found which has enough internal height (72cm) to fit my scope.
The previous owner and designer of the trailer - Jeff Laird (centre) with his wife Virginia and me on the left when they dropped off the new trailer to my place on March 8th. Jeff also converted the Merc Sprinter you see here into a mobile home and they are on their way to Tasmania to try it out for a few weeks...
The telescope gear being packed into the trailer. I've made a set of cutouts from 100mm high packing foam to hold everything in place. The top section stands 60cm high and fits with a couple of cm to spare. The bottom tube section is laying down, it's 90cm long and approx 50cm in diameter.
A closer look at how the scope packs into the trailer, with the Losmandy tripod head and G11 head visible on the right. You can see a couple of counterweights and on the left the cw bar and one of the tripod legs set down into the foam.
A side shot showing the Losmandy tripod and tracking head.
A high shot showing how the tripod legs pack in around the top of the tube section.
Lid half closed, there's not a lot of room to spare!

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