New 9kg counterweight for my G-11

As part of preparing to mount a new 13.1" OTA onto my existing Losmangy G-11 mount I needed to locate an additional counterweight. The G-11 only came with a single 9kg counterweight which was barely enough for my 10" OTA, and would certainly not be enough for the 13.1".

Here is the new counterweight, manufactured by Mick Pinner. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, and is a much nicer piece of gear then the original G-11 counterweight.

Here are some additional images supplied by Mick, showing off the counterweight against a nice background. Click on these links for full-sized images:

I can recommend Mick to anyone who wants custom work like this, you can find him on the IceInSpace forums under the username of mick pinner.

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